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Congratulations to Drew Brees!

Last night Drew Brees, the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, set the NFL passing record for the most passing yards in a career. He has consistently demonstrated an ability to scan the opposing team's defense to find ways to win, a dedication to hard work and a passion to continually improve.

These same attributes apply to success in most any field or profession. We all have to scan the opposition to find our wins. We find ourselves burning the midnight oil and hopefully bring our own passion to our client relationships.

As you work with our team members at CobaltRx, we are committed to helping our clients find their own wins. Much like Drew and the New Orleans Saints rely on data and their own form of analytics, we help our clients use data analytics to improve outcomes just like a quarterback. Opposing NFL defenses don't make the job easy for any quarterback and present challenges on every down. Our clients need help with their own challenges. If you think of our technology and resources as players, we have a number of tools and skilled resources we can bring off the bench to help an organization thrive. Profound improvements can be made through the application of data analytics and Big Data to meet the opposition found in each new day.

In the NFL, the threat to a offense can come from any of the opposing players. The key is the quarterbacks ability to read the defense to determine where these threats might come from in the current situation. Data can prove difficult to read as well as it often comes from different systems such as main frames, PC's, internal systems, external systems, TPA's, PBM's, and other sources. These disparate systems can be a threat because you most likely will find much of this data hard to understand if you don't have the tools or skills needed to understand it.

Think of CobaltRx as a skilled coach who has the experience and players to help your organization overcome your pharmacy benefit challenges through our ability to map, transform, and compile this data into an analytics platform to help your organization better understand the threats you face. These resources can be just the right play call to help your team save money in the pharmacy benefit arena.